A New Green Invention that can help Prevent the Spread of Covid-19

Tax Credit up to $250 per unit

[With Government Funding Free for First 3 years]

US PATENT # 7766026

Increase your Profits with Savings in Water,Gas,Paper Towels & Trash

Increase your Occupancy by making

your Property look Smart & Millennial

Improving your bottom line immediately

                                  Smart Touchpad

                             to Attach to your

                      Existing Manual Faucets

         with Preset Touch Temperature & Timer

1. Preset  Touch Temperature -No more pulling of handles to adjust water temperature

    Sanitary & Convenient                                           (Can be touched with a Knuckle)



2. Preset Timer  - Helps shut off water when not necessary

                                  eg. when brushing your teeth & shaving


      Helps Save up to 90% water, gas, electric, Paper towels & Trash


3.Transperant Label --can be placed over Touchpad and

                                          changed Daily for Sanitation 


4.Showers --Touchpad can be placed Outside the Shower to

                           Avoid that First Splash of Cold  Water

     For New Hotels--Can Help Saves 3 ft x 3ft =  10sqft of Shower Space

     which means $5000 per shower (@$500 per sqft)

                         ie. $5 million per 1000 Showers


5.  Bathtub-- Helps prevent Costly  Bathtub OverFlow

                       ( Average   $10,000 to $30,000 per OverFlow )

                   --Users need not be Checking if Bathtub is Full


                For more info & Live Demo  feel free to make an appointment

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Lab tested by IAPMO for One Million Cycles Without Failure giving you a Lifespan of  30 years if used 100 Times a Day